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    May 16, 2013
    5:00 - 6:01pm PDT  

ramirez. at 6:00 p.m. we will talk to a former police officer who assesses potentially dangerous people about what could be done to prevent these cases. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating the discovery of the body of a man believed to be a victim of a machete attack. police received received a 911 call saying a man was laying on the ground. the man was assaulted with a machete. a motive is not known. also in san jose. look at this picture. police are hoping someone recognizes this person. he is wanted in connection with the killing of a woman. a worker at the holiday inn found her body in a room.
havingers are not -- investigators are not saying how she was killed. he may be heading to mexico and should be considered armed and dangerous. >> bullets fly into a home killing a woman. ktvu's john sasaki has a recording the of gunfire and tells us who police say was the intended target. >> reporter: the scene of this shooting was peaceful today. >> she didn't deserve it. she was a loving woman. >> reporter: last night around 11:00 p.m. when someone unleashed gunfire with a rifle. police shot spotter picked it up. >> the shots went off and it kept going and going and going.
>> she died. >> she was the soul of this building. >> reporter: police who are still searching for the killing, said the gunman may have been aiming for her son. >> we think he defrauded people in the neighborhood and that is probably why the house was targeted. >> the son was grazed but not seriously hurt. her daughter's best friend expressed the despair. >> senseless. she hurt nobody. >> reporter: this was one of her favorite plants. her friends and family will create granny's garden right here. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a dramatic seen today after a mountain lion was trapped in an aqueduct. robert handa shows us how the
mountain lion was rescued. robert? >> we are along the concord's sunvalley -- along the aqueduct as rescue workers tried to capture it. it was the unpredictable situation since no one knew how the animal would react. >> the mountain lion stayed hidden for much of the time today. many of the rescue teams got a look at the animal after it was hit by a tranquilizer. it ran and then staggered into thicker bushes. police maneuvered the lion into the canal after being spotted this morning. police say it never approached or threatened anyone. >> number one, public safety and number two, returning the
animal back to its habitat. >> reporter: they teamed to capture the animal. >> in testing the animal we determined it was safer and we would be better off if he administered a second dose. >> reporter: the lion was taken where a veterinarian examined it. the animal was dazed. >> otherwise in great shape. the worst he had was frayed nails. that is it. that is it. amazing. remarkable creatures. >> reporter: they have plans on where to release the mountain lion. at 6:00 p.m. more on the rescue and what kind of life the lion will lead now. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here are other facts we
know. biologist track about 20 mountain lions with gps devices. last month they were not intimidated by humans unless they were breeding. males were more likely frightened than females and they tracked roads they frequently crossed. san francisco police detailed security changes for the bay to breakers. there are surveillance cameras at the start and finish line and on the hill. those are some of the new additions the chief announced today in the wake of the boston marathon bombings. he also plans to have extra officers as well can 9 units. >> people want to see police officers in uniform. and they will. lots of them. >> runners not allowed to have alcohol or back packs. it begins 7:00 a.m.
sunday. law enforcement say boston marathon bombings suspect dzhokar tsarnaev wrote a note while hiding inside a boat. the note said he would join his brother as a martyr in paradise. he wrote on the wall of the boat claiming responsibility for the attacks and say it is in response to the u.s. wars in afghanistan skyrocket. skyrocket -- afghanistan and iran. >> a benefit for aaron hern tonight. a group is trying to decide whether to split up or come up with a immigration bill. they have been working together for months but now they say they disagree on the question of healthcare coverage for
illegal immigrant. they are expected to decide on whether they can salvage a deal. the debate over immigration reform, there are two groups concerned they are left out of the debate. ktvu's ken pritchett tells us who the two groups are and why they are worried. >> reporter: some argue places like china town could see a decline because they argue the community is left out of immigration reform and another group also fears exclusion, the gays and lesbians community. >> reporter: many might think of undocumented immigrants but others fear being over looked. >> we are afraid that is the outcome. >> reporter: she joined advocates for same-sex couples to deliver signatures to dianne
feinstein's office. >> i am married but my partner is in england and we are forced to live apart. >> reporter: a straight couple could obtain a visa. they want to be included in the debate. others don't want to be cut out. >> we are not minorities. we will not be stepped on like this. >> reporter: he says many new asian immigrants have families over seas and the new rules would make it impossible to reunite. >> takes away 50% of the population growth of the asian' asian -- asian-american community. >> reporter: two very different groups coming from the same place. >> we would be able to live our lives. >> human beings have feelings and we want to stay another. it
get their way or what immigration reform will look like given the debate and the sluggish pace in washington. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama today urged congress to approve funds to beef up security over seas. he made the request in an appearance with the prime minister of turkey. he is taking response because of the attack in benghazi, libya. he wants to improve training and intelligence and add more guards at u.s. embassies. >> i am intent on making sure we do everything we can to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. we owe it to them to do everything in our power to protect our personnel serving over seas. >> the attack in benghazi kaled
four american -- killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. we asked his father to comment and he said the politicalization is not anything we want to incourage orpart of -- encourage or be part of. torntexas lledki at least 10 people one of the twisters was caught on tape. this comes from one of the small communities devastated. rescue crews are still looking for 7 people who are missing. >> we were watching the hail and it just happened in the blink of an eye. telling us to get the mattress. >> all those who were killed were adults.
san francisco palm trees are dying. the high cost to replace them and why some people are glad to see them go. >> a few light sprinkles today. now the fog is renning. what does it mean for -- returning. what does it mean for friday? a warming trend into the next 24 hours. got the best of you. and you're not necessarily proud of that. but then you served new johnsonville grillers. gourmet burgers with more flavor than ordinary burgers. and you're definitely proud of that. new grillers, only from johnsonville.
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>> reporter: -- it is a disease that is fatal. >> a disease that reduces the ability to absorb moisture. 34 other are showing signs of infection. >> half the crown will die off. half the leaf dies off. >> the trees were planted in 1994, part of a redesign after the earthquake collapsed a portion of the freeway here. systems started showing up three years ago. since then four died and been replaced. crews are trying to prolong the life of infected trees and prevent the fungus from spreading. >> only do hand pruning and fungside into the soil. >> three are set to be replaced before the america's cup this summer. the cost $35,000 each. >> tough call. they add to the street scape.
>> reporter: some say they were always out of place. >> sad to see a plant die. when they were planted i said really? why? palm trees? this is san francisco. not los angeles. >> reporter: it unthe palmtree insurance at the time they were planted but have the money to replace every tree so they are trying to replace them as money becomes available over the next several years. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. it may cost you more to visit the san francisco zoo. they are recommending a $2 increase. the last fee increase was in 2008. they say expenses have gone up and new exhibits have been added. right now admission is $12 and $15 for non-residents. $2 increase would apply to senior and child tickets.
researchers detected the swine flu virus in elfant seals. -- elephant seals. they found h1n1 in two and antibodies in 28. but none showed signs of illness. it shows viruses can move among species but they don't know how they got infected. officials may lose their police department if they don't pass an increase in the utility tax. it would increase the tax from 6% to 8%. that would bring in a million dollar as year to a city with a $13 million budget. officials say without the money hercules might not be able to afford their own police department anymore. >> we have been talking with the county sheriff about the cost of outsources police services to the county.
we probably have to go to the county if it doesn't pass. >> the staff is preparing a budget in case they reject the increase. in san jose for the second time in two day as child has been hit by a car. police say it happened this afternoon at north second street in front of a middle school. the school district says the child was walking in an old cross walk that was painted over. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word on how badly the child was hurt. two days ago a five-year-old was struck and killed near a san jose school. apple is moving from san francisco to union scare. mayor ed lee said it will be open at the site of a levi store. it will be 1-1/2 times e
one and employee 100 people. there are two other stores in the city. we know who made the 50 billionth download from the apple store. he did it yesterday afternoon and he will have more than just bragging ghtshewill receive an apple gift card custers are apps per second. on wall street today stocks took a break from their steady climb. the dow is down 42 to 15,233. the nasdaq is down 6 at 3,465. the s&p is down 8 to 1,650. gray, cool and damp out there today. which is what our chief meteorologist bill martin told us to expect since the weekend. >> yeah. we could see it coming. temperatures dropped and we got sprinkles this morning. slickened up the roadways. we go outside. cloud out there now.
fog d this morning. showers, light, wet weather moving through the bay area between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. see? you see the showers out of the area. clear skies right now except for patchy fog along the coast. breezy out there. winds are blowing, especially at the san francisco airport. temperatures right now, 70 in antioch. 65 degrees in livermore and 68 in fairfield. nice and warm out there. winds are howling that san francisco airport. 25 miles per hour. oakland, 18 miles per hour. breezy conditions are keeping temperatures down and again tomorrow. winds for tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, looking at 20 miles per hour winds tensen beach. -- stenson beach. into had afternoon hours 25 miles per hour.
near stenson beach. you get the picture. breezy tomorrow and not that warm. you can see upper 50s, low 60s berkeley. upper 60s with a couple low 70s popping up. mild day. as we move towards weekend, changes coming your way. when i come back, the bay to breakers on sunday, we will talk about that and your saturday and sunday. which day is going to be the nicest. see you back here. a bizarre zone as a man disrups the -- scene as a man disrupts bart. what we learned about his history with police. >> jeremy affeldt returned $500,000 to the team, why he says giving back the money was the right thing to do.
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. man led police on a chase today, racing along the tops of trains and topping from one to the other. we got this photo of the suspect. rodney genking -- genkings. ktvu's claudine wong has more. >> man surrounded by police.
>> he kept saying don't hurt me. help me. don't hurt me. >> reporter: police say it started here at the macarthur station when that man got into that door. once inside he climbed up stairs, got 25 feet above the platform. that was 5:30 a.m. this morning and he was just getting started. >> he jumps off the roof on to the landing and jumps on the top of the train. >> reporter: he then ran down the train's roof and jumped on to the tracks. >> jumped on that train and jumped across. >> what did you think? >> i thought he was crazy. >> reporter: he kept going. across the freeway twice before climbing on a second tape. >> at that point another -- second train. at that point another train was coming. >> that is where this video was shot after 7:00 a.m. by a man riding by. >> said why don't we respond
this to the -- send this to the news. >> reporter: frustration couldn't be avoided for many. we watched them try to squeeze on to trains hours later. >> this is a r transfer station. when something goes wrong it the entire system. >> police run into the man before. he will undergo a evaluation. he is also being held on a drug warrant. and will face charges for trespassing and disrupting services. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. officials have agreed to drop the request to consolidate the lawsuits challenging the sale of bonds to build california's high-speed rail. that clears the way for a trial this month. the people suing say the high- speed rail project isn't wn lowing requirements that
okayed the sale of the bonds in 2008. the high-speed rail authority hopes to begin work this summer on the high-speed rail line using federal money. today artemis racing held a private ceremony in honor of their teammate who lost his life. he was killed when the catamaran capsized. representatives from all four teams entered into the america's cup throw a brief into the water. the team wrote on their website bart, may you rest in peace. the italian team could decide tomorrow whether they will remain in the competition. this is a photo last month. tomorrow the owner of the team plans to come to san francisco to decide whether they are going to stay in the america's
cup later this summer. the warriors will need all 19,500 of their fans to cheer tonight. the one word they don't want to hear starts with the letter "e." we will have a live report. a neighborhood on edge, the brazen crime that has parents concerned.
complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. terrifying is what people are saying about what happened to a woman who was pushing her baby in a stroller. two men came up from behind her and ktvu's eric rasmussen tells us what happened next has the community on alert now.
woman just got off the bus and walking last night when one man knocked her down and took her purse and another took off with her stroller with the baby inside. >> this is where we found moms with strollers who had no serious concerns about their safety till now. >> it is horrible. >> i am shocked. one thing about a purse. >> a few blocks from this school two men attacked a woman from behind as she pushed a stroller around 6:30 p.m. last night. while one man grabbed the woman's purse the second took off with the stroller and may have tried to grab the woman's baby. he then ran away leaving the baby behind. they got a text alert from
police last night. now they will take extra prepassions. >> i have a two year -- precautions. >> i have a two-year-old. yeah, now it is like, okay, let me strap my child in. crazy. >> police describe both suspects as black men, 25, clean shaven. police say they are running extra patrols and parents say they are on the look out too. >> shocking. in this neighborhood, especially. >> reporter: this afternoon we heard from police. they said they were following up on leads. the victim did not know the suspects. live, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. a man pleaded guilty today to killing a san francisco state grad student in the caribian. he stabbed him to death in january of 2010. she was attending her sister's
wedding and was attacked while going for a walk. he is said to be sentenced in july. the week long man hunt for a man killing his wife and two daughters has been scaled back today. authorities focused the search near the conservation area. the suspect's truck was found and so was his dog. he contacted a woman after his family was killed may 7. officers will continue to search for miller. four gang members have been convicted following a police chase. they all entered guilty pleas last friday. he will get 27 years for shooting at a chp officer and ramming the cruiser. his brother david and another person will be sentenced for
carjacking and another will get probation. the carjackers ran from police when they rammed the cruiser with another car. someone in that car also fired at the officer. the officer was not hurt. uninurses da -- yearn nurses plan -- union nurses plan a strike tomorrow. it effects 2800rns -- 2800 rns. the california nurses association called off the strike at san leandro hospital. the county plans to turn it into a public hospital. disney is responding. they restored the star of brave to her original look on her
website. she appeared last week with a slimmer figure, larger breasts and more make up. they called the move sexist. no official comment from disney. the golden state warriors are two hours away from a must win game. they trail the san antonio spurs 3-2 in the nba playoffs. ktvu's fred inglis is live after talking with steph curry himself. >> reporter: if the warriors are worried about being eliminated they didn't show it this morning and once again the spurs won't be greeted by sea of gold and yellow. they will give everyone a free we are warriors t-shirt. that is nearly 1,000 t-shirts handed out this week. they beat the spurs in over time but san antonio is 1-1 here in the best of 7 series.
the warriors need to overcome their injuries, rekindle their energy, improve on offense and defense and maybe the fans can get more t-shirts. >> you deserve what is taking place this year. thrilled to be part of it. these are fans that was hungry for what is taking place. >> how many t-shirts do you have? >> i don't know. i stashed some. >> 12. [ laughter ] >> all from section 124, row 1. seat 1-10. >> don't worry about excuses. later on. this is an opportunity for us. we feel like if we play the way we are supposed to play we will be in good shape. >> steph curry said his ankle is better and he said he expects to play better than the last two games. one note for the warriors, they
are now 4-0 after a loss. so maybe game 6 is just what the fans ordered. reporting live, fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. was not very often you hear about a pro athlete giving back a half million dollars but that is exactly what jodi -- what jeremy affeldt did. the giants made a typo in his contract, giving him an extra $500,000. once jeremy affeldt realized what happened he told the giants i can't take that money. i won't sleep well at night knowing i took that money because every time i open my pay check i will know it is not right. the sequester canceled the blue angels at fleet week, now the movement to bring back the show. >> and thinking about getting a small suv? the safety results you may want
to see before you buy.
. a blue angels' fan is hoping to save the show with a online campaign. the navy canceled the shows because of budget cuts but the owner of this company is trying to raise the money for the san francisco show. he created a campaign.
he raised $7,000. in an effort to speed up the boarding process american airlines are giving passengers with less baggage priority loading. american says it will let passengers check a carry on bag at the gate at no charge if they want to take advantage. american hopes this will allow nights to take off sooner, helping them improve its performance. if you drive a small suv you don't want to be in a crash. they put 13 small sport utility vehicles through crashes and only two of them passed. subaru forester was the only one with a good rating. the outlander sport received
acceptable rating. the shake ups in washington continue today at the irs with president obama pointing a new acting commissioner. daniel werfel will take over as they weather the storm of the tea party scandal. the irs admitted to subjecting them to scrutiny. he is the controller of the office of management and budget. tea party activists had harsh words for the irs. they said they are furious that the irs singled out conservative groups. they promised congress will hold an independent investigation. >> someone needs to be held responsible. someone needs to be in prison. someone needs to be prosecuted. >> this is run away government at its worse. who knows who they will target next.
>> president obama scandal. before it become as trend a police department acts. their game plan. >> back here in 10 minutes, the clouds are clearing. seeing sunshine but things are changing. what the big changes are for your friday and the bay area weekend as well. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip!
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customers. ktvu's jade hernandez is live with more. >> after 8:00 p.m. officers will begin their new asciencements. we are live -- assignments. we are live where after an attempted robbery last night for three women to seek help there. police don't want this to become a trend. >> reporter: he drove us around downtown to show thus alley -- show us the alley where a woman was approached by thief. she wasn't sure if the robber had a weapon but he made off with her stuff. >> suspect snuck up on her and demanded her purse. >> it is a safe neighborhood so i wouldn't expect to hear about a strong armed robbery in downtown. >> reporter: two masked men demanded the weapons of three women walking here before 10:00 p.m. >> most people are aware of
their surroundings. when someone catches you off guard sometimes there isn't much you can do. >> reporter: accept scream. last night before they made off with anything. tonight police are hoping their presence does the same thing. >> we want to get ahead of them. >> reporter: police will redeploy officers around the downtown area and they will look for more surveillance video. two cameras that could have provided more details turned out to be broken. the business association says they are trying to fund surveillance cameras as well. >> some of the crimes are taking place in downtown. >> reporter: he supports any police action. >> they increase the patrol, whatever, great. love it. i would rather be in a place that is safe. >> increased surveillance. >> reporter: they be interviewing victims again
today. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police arrested a 19-year- old man that was running from police during a man hunt last week. it began a week ago yesterday when a man left the bart station carrying a gun. investigators believe it was joshua ross who pointed the gun at a police officer and when the officer shot at him he took off. officers arrested him on tuesday when he showed up at the juvenile justice center. a bill that would make california the first state to ban the use of led bullets in hunting. democrats who passed the bill say they pose a risk to the environment and could hurt endangered species. opponents say it is a ban on hunting since alternatives may not be available. there is new hope that u.s. military veterans who apply for benefits will get the help
sooner. >> why are we not attacking the sources of the problems and making sure a vet isn't just a number. this is a human being who wore a uniform and has injuries. >> nationwide they have a back log of 800,000 applications. that means vets often wait more than a year to get their benefits. in oakland the average wait time is 500 days. now the va is making changes that will speed up processing of applications. >> we will keep our promises once they return home if they suffer from the wounds of war. >> the va will put its staff on over time pay and expedite claims. firefighters are battling a wildfire. it started yesterday near bakersfield and superintend to
ventura county. so far 3500 acres have burned. at this point the fire is 15% contained. no structures are threatened but a high school was evacuated. more now about our weather. over to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> temperatures came down in most places. temperatures were flat today. sprinkles this morning. light and wet on the roadways. not a big deal. these were the highs today. 75 in antioch. temperatures have been on the chilly side. or mild side. look at the skies. you can see when you look at the sky looks like march. not may. winter looking sky. tomorrow we will see more sunshine. we will look at that forecast for tonight. which involves fog along the coast. maybe low clouds and tomorrow
we get into gusty winds. breezy wind conditions. along the coast and around the bay. that keeps temperatures down. tomorrow, the low lingers there. the high won't have a chance to establish itself. looking for gusty, breezy conditions tomorrow for your friday. saturday rolls around, the high grows itself and the air comes out of the north. that warms us up. fog free coast saturday and sunday. might be patches of fog. most part fog free coast and warmer day time highs. tomorrow another mild day. not as warm as saturday and sunday. 71 napa. 69 vallejo. 62 sausalito. 69 livermore as well. temperatures tomorrow like today. maybe cooler. and friday -- or saturday, and sunday, temperatures work their way back up.
along the coast, fog hanging out tomorrow, with the winds on saturday they will clear out. bay to breakers this weekend. 7:00 a.m. starts sunday, right? patchy fog for the start. patchy fog. temperatures at the coast start off in the 50s in the morning. 60s around the hill. and coast mid-60s. perfect weather pattern for the bay to breakers. lot of folks get involved with. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. temperatures warming up nicely into sunday and monday another warm one. >> run in the bay to breakers? >> yeah. >> how about you? >> no. >> did you? >> yeah. i did. thank you. next story is about something all parents fear. look here. watch as the baby stroller
rolls over the edge of a subway platform. what happened next and what police have to say about it.
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california senator barbara boxer unveiled a new plan to end an epidemic of sexual abuse she says she was raped when she was in the air force. >> the best option for me was to suck it up and try and make it till i could get transferred somewhere else only to have it happen over and over again. like a reoccurring nightmare.
>> she says she was diagnosed with ptsd because she was raped. the defense department reports 2600 troops experience unwanted sexual contact last year. barbara boxer has authored a bill to bring justs to the victims. >> there are tears in the front row over here. i hope they are tears of hope. >> they are. >> yes, they are. we have heard you. >> barbara boxer's bill would give the judge the power to take a rape case to trial. this caught the attention of the white house. this afternoon president obama met with officials to discuss sexual assault in the military. look at this surveillance video. it comes from the philadelphia subway system. a woman has her child in a platform and it rolled over. the mother jumps down, rescues
the daughter and other passengers ran to help her. the toddler is expected to be okay. researchers at the centers for disease control and prevention released a new study about the cleanliness of swimming pools. 58% contain traces of e.coli. an indication of human feces in the water. it did not address water parks. it is a reminder shower before getting into a pool. nurses say prescription problems are bringing them to tears at one hospital. >> there was a cardiac medthat had the wrong dosing. >> -- med that had the wrong dosing. >> new at 6:00 p.m., cherry season is here. how it is a new tourism
bullets aimed at the home of a woman neighbors call granny. the reason her home was targeted. >> and a man under arrest for
stabs his mother and nephew. the signs neighbors saw that something was terribly wrong. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasiafrank somerville -- hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> medicine mix ups putting patients at risk. new tonight at 6:00 p.m., ktvu's mike mibach is live where the problems brought doctors and nurses to tears. >> one of the nurses came outside and gave us her note. she typed up what she says she has been hearing from other nurses. look at this. i am terrified to be on the floor. my license, my life, my family is at stake here. >> my body is not making its own blood. >> she is one of the patients.
>> i have never had any problem at all. >> reporter: she disagrees. >> nurses are crying. doctors are crying. i mean, there is melt downs. >> reporter: she is a nurse, she claims patients received the wrong medication. >> medicines, orders on the wrong patients. >> there was a cardiac med that had the wrongidosissing on it. -- wrong dosing on it. >> last week the hospital went live with a